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Ban Against Age Discrimination at Workplace Pushed
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

"Hindi pa kami uugod-ugod!" This may be what runs to the mind of an unemployed 30 year old or older as frustration arise in finding a job here or overseas. 

It's a trend, or should we say the norm nowadays as most job advertisements in print and online require those who are interested to send an application to be from a certain "age range", that is, 30 yeras old and YOUNGER.  

This scheme leaves those who are part of the "OLDER RANGE" to be out of the competition, regardless of the impressive qualifications they have for the job offered or the length of work experience they have accumulated while working for a previous employers here in the Philippines or in another country.

Unemployment and underemployment arise as well, for the obvious reasons, the older range of the population can't work because they are not part of the selctions list of company looking for potential employees. 

The Blas Ople Policy Center, an organization looking after the welfare of Filipinos working overseas, have initiated to file a signature campaign in asking the Philippine Congress to enact a law against age discrimantion in Philippine-based workplaces. 

The petition, if addressed by the Congress, may benefit Filipinos 30 years and older who cannot find a local job just because they are not "young enough". Returning OFWs who wants to settle and work in the Philippines to rejoin their families may benefit in this petition, too as it is very apparent that despite their honed skills and discipline abroad, local companies will not accept them, just because of their age. 

To date, there are 30 countries who have policies enacted against workplace age discrimination and if this petition and draft of law pushes through, the Philippines may be the 31st. 

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