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1343 Actionline Mobile Application: Aide to fight Human Trafficking
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

Human trafficking is an act of recruiting and transporting people with the purpose of exploitation such as forced labor, slavery, removing of organs, and prostitutions or sexual exploitation.

But here in the Philippines, the most usual form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation or prostitution, forced labor in the industrial and agricultural fields, debt bondage, and syndicate operating children for begging.  These trafficking is caused by poverty, lack of education, unemployment, lack of economic development and gender inequality.

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) was appointed by the chairman of the Advocacy and Communications Committee of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) to handle trafficking cases because of their past experience.  They establshed a 24/7 Action Hotline that would cater in assisting human trafficking victims who are not aware of the services rendered by the government and non-government organizations alike.

And to further support these victims, they've recently launched a mobile application for easy access to everyone. 1343 Actionline mobile app is an inter-active campaign that will involve everyone to fight human trafficking.  The features will let users report  suspected human trafficking activities with photos and video attachments for the purpose of evidence.  Users can also access the latest information and news updates against human trafficking,  and the directory of IACAT member agencies.

Quantum X, Inc. and CFO developed this mobile application with the hope of not only decreasing the human trafficking cases but for the complete elimination of it.  The 1343 Actionling mobile application can be downloaded on any Android-capable devices, mobile phones and tablets.  Iphone and Ipad users can also enjoy this mobile application from App Store i-Tunes. 

Help fight human trafficking. Download the 1343 Actionline mobile application on your phones and report any activity you deem connected to human trafficking.

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