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Filipino Peacekeepers Escaped Syrian Rebels
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

Filipino soldiers serving as UN peacekeeping force managed to successfully escaped their Syrian rebel captors after an attack on Saturday morning, Philippine time.

Military Chief General Gregorio Catapang called it the 'greatest escape' and is proud of the said soldiers who, despite being surroundered and outnumbered, fought for seven hours against the rebels.  The Filipino soldiers break away in the middle of the night while the Syrian rebels are resting.  They walked for almost two hours in the dark to reach safety, Camp Ziouani behind UN lines.

The Syrian rebels attacked the Filipino peacekeepers on Position 68.  But the Filipino soldiers fought back and returned fire in self-defense, refusing to give up their position and weapons.  The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force or UNDOF then relocated the Filipino peacekeepers to a secure position.

President Benigno Aquino III's spokesman Herminio Coloma issued a statement and thanks the UN Force as well as Syria, Israel, Qatar and the United States for assisting the Filipino peacekeepers in the crisis. 

“It is our nation's interest to give priority to the Filipino peackeepers safety but we will not turn our backs on our commitment to global security particulary in the Golan Heights and the Middle East,” Coloma also added.

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