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We are Hiring NOW! Pampanga Branch
Posting date: Jul 10, 2015

Attention Pampanga candidates:
We are looking for College graduates with 0-2 years experience or 2nd year College undergard with 2-4 years of experience for Angeles City.
Visit us at 2nd Floor TLS BLDG., Kalayaan Village, Quebiawan, San Fernando, Pampanga.
Email us your resume at or contact 09159284192 / 09295154498.



URGENT: Customer Service Rep for Makati Site
Posting date: Jul 10, 2015

We are in urgent need for below requirements:

At least 2 years college degree (without back subject)

At least 2 years BPO experience (excluding local accounts/non-voice)

Willing to work at 9F Ecoplaza Bldg Chino Roces Ext. Makati City

What we can Offer:

3month Probationary Period

HMO and Life Insurance on Day 1

15 VLs and 15 SLs

Incentive is pegged at 2K plus but it can still go beyond or even lower depending on performance.

Incentive is around 15K plus, depending on the performance


Apply now!

Ban Against Age Discrimination at Workplace Pushed
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

"Hindi pa kami uugod-ugod!" This may be what runs to the mind of an unemployed 30 year old or older as frustration arise in finding a job here or overseas. 

It's a trend, or should we say the norm nowadays as most job advertisements in print and online require those who are interested to send an application to be from a certain "age range", that is, 30 yeras old and YOUNGER.  

This scheme leaves those who are part of the "OLDER RANGE" to be out of the competition, regardless of the impressive qualifications they have for the job offered or the length of work experience they have accumulated while working for a previous employers here in the Philippines or in another country.

Unemployment and underemployment arise as well, for the obvious reasons, the older range of the population can't work because they are not part of the selctions list of company looking for potential employees. 

The Blas Ople Policy Center, an organization looking after the welfare of Filipinos working overseas, have initiated to file a signature campaign in asking the Philippine Congress to enact a law against age discrimantion in Philippine-based workplaces. 

The petition, if addressed by the Congress, may benefit Filipinos 30 years and older who cannot find a local job just because they are not "young enough". Returning OFWs who wants to settle and work in the Philippines to rejoin their families may benefit in this petition, too as it is very apparent that despite their honed skills and discipline abroad, local companies will not accept them, just because of their age. 

To date, there are 30 countries who have policies enacted against workplace age discrimination and if this petition and draft of law pushes through, the Philippines may be the 31st. 

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Are You Ready For Your Interview?
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

Congratulations!  You have been invited to an interview with your prospective employer! This is one step closer to getting that overseas job you want.  To make the most out of your face-to-face interview, you must be prepared.  Here are 7 tips to help you on your way:

1.   Know the company. Who are you going to work for abroad?  What do you know about this company?  Do your homework and research on this company.  Also, if possible, find out the interviewer’s name and use it during the job interview.  If you’re not sure of the name, call and ask prior to the interview.  Try to relate what you know about the company when are answering questions.  When discussing your career accomplishments match them to what the company is looking for.  Don't answer with vague terms like "hard worker" and "successful" without explanations of why and how.

2.   Prepare.  Don't come unprepared. Be ready to speak about yourself and your qualifications without rambling.  Don't read your resume to your interviewer.  Be able to speak confidently about your education, former jobs and experience without a "cheat sheet."  Use appropriate terms and examples that match your abilities to the specific job for which you are interviewing.

3.  Practice.  Practice makes perfect.  You can role-play with a friend who can act as your interviewer and record your conversation and then review.  Do you talk too fast or too loud?  Listen to the questions and do not interrupt the interviewer.  Practice your responses to the typical job interview questions most interviewers will ask (more about this in future columns).  Think of actual examples you can use to describe your skills.  Providing evidence of your successes is a great way to promote yourself.  To be an interesting OFW candidate, you have to be genuinely interested in the role you are applying for and in the company you are interviewing with.

4.  Ask questions.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  You aren’t simply trying to get this job – you are also interviewing the employer to assess whether this company and the position are a good fit for you. For example, “How does the company measure success for this role?” or “Does the company promote continuous learning program for its employees?” or “How would you describe the ideal candidate for this position?”

5.  Stay Calm.  During the job interview try to relax and stay as calm as possible.  Take a moment to regroup.  Don't show body language where you seem cold, nervous or uninterested.  Use a firm handshake, make eye contact and avoid fidgeting.  Listen to the entire question before you answer and pay attention - you will be embarrassed if you forget the question!

6.  Don’t be late.  First impressions last.  Coming in late means you are not keen on making a good impression and reflects poorly on your time management.  Allow for time to eat, travel and freshen up before your interview.  It helps to know exactly where the interview venue is to ensure you do not get lost on your way.  You should be at the waiting area at least 10 minutes before the interview time.

7.  Dress appropriately.  Choosing what to wear to a job interview can make a great impact in how your prospective employer sees you the first time you meet.  Your interviewer will evaluate you also based on your personal appearance.  The right image helps your future employer easily visualize you as one of their team members and tells them you could represent the company appropriately as a member of their staff (more on appearance in future columns).

Check this out, too: Outshine Everybody Else! How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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1343 Actionline Mobile Application: Aide to fight Human Trafficking
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

Human trafficking is an act of recruiting and transporting people with the purpose of exploitation such as forced labor, slavery, removing of organs, and prostitutions or sexual exploitation.

But here in the Philippines, the most usual form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation or prostitution, forced labor in the industrial and agricultural fields, debt bondage, and syndicate operating children for begging.  These trafficking is caused by poverty, lack of education, unemployment, lack of economic development and gender inequality.

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) was appointed by the chairman of the Advocacy and Communications Committee of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) to handle trafficking cases because of their past experience.  They establshed a 24/7 Action Hotline that would cater in assisting human trafficking victims who are not aware of the services rendered by the government and non-government organizations alike.

And to further support these victims, they've recently launched a mobile application for easy access to everyone. 1343 Actionline mobile app is an inter-active campaign that will involve everyone to fight human trafficking.  The features will let users report  suspected human trafficking activities with photos and video attachments for the purpose of evidence.  Users can also access the latest information and news updates against human trafficking,  and the directory of IACAT member agencies.

Quantum X, Inc. and CFO developed this mobile application with the hope of not only decreasing the human trafficking cases but for the complete elimination of it.  The 1343 Actionling mobile application can be downloaded on any Android-capable devices, mobile phones and tablets.  Iphone and Ipad users can also enjoy this mobile application from App Store i-Tunes. 

Help fight human trafficking. Download the 1343 Actionline mobile application on your phones and report any activity you deem connected to human trafficking.

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Philippine ConGen in Toronto Warns About Employment Scam
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

The Consulate General of the Philippines in Toronto had released an advisory to warn the public  of a possible scam which is targeting nursed and other health-oriented professions in the Philippines.  The people behind these scam operates by offering  non-existing jobs in Canada, in particular at West Park Health Care Centre which is a rehabilitation and continuing health care hospital in Northwestern Toronto.

The PCG had also received reports wherein a 2-day seminar is offered in the Philippines where possible participants are asked to pay fees for the seminar expenses and medical examination in exchange of sure employment as Staff Nurse or Healthcare Assistant at West Park Health Care Centre.

The Consulate managed to verify with the facility that they are not seeking employees or in any way offering employment opportunities at the time being and is not connected with the said seminar.

Because of this, Filipinos are firmly recommended to be careful and cautious when it comes to this kind of job or employment offer to avoid being a victim of this scam and the deceitful people behind these scams.

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Filipino Peacekeepers Escaped Syrian Rebels
Posting date: Sep 05, 2014

Filipino soldiers serving as UN peacekeeping force managed to successfully escaped their Syrian rebel captors after an attack on Saturday morning, Philippine time.

Military Chief General Gregorio Catapang called it the 'greatest escape' and is proud of the said soldiers who, despite being surroundered and outnumbered, fought for seven hours against the rebels.  The Filipino soldiers break away in the middle of the night while the Syrian rebels are resting.  They walked for almost two hours in the dark to reach safety, Camp Ziouani behind UN lines.

The Syrian rebels attacked the Filipino peacekeepers on Position 68.  But the Filipino soldiers fought back and returned fire in self-defense, refusing to give up their position and weapons.  The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force or UNDOF then relocated the Filipino peacekeepers to a secure position.

President Benigno Aquino III's spokesman Herminio Coloma issued a statement and thanks the UN Force as well as Syria, Israel, Qatar and the United States for assisting the Filipino peacekeepers in the crisis. 

“It is our nation's interest to give priority to the Filipino peackeepers safety but we will not turn our backs on our commitment to global security particulary in the Golan Heights and the Middle East,” Coloma also added.

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